Freelance writer makes troll-tastic article about nerds and datings.

Article manages to be published, nerd rage happens, hits goes through the roof.

Instead of focusing on the obvious problems of said article, First I just want to point out that by visiting it, she is getting money. Good or bad, that article already paid her rent this month. Also, note that editors exist to approve (or not) such material.

It's sad this kind of article can generate such strong response. I guess, deep inside, many nerds still feel like they are ugly ducklings.

Still, If the article's author is what you get by being "cool and popular", I won't mind being forever alone.

If you want to give the author more money, here is the article.

Edit - It looks like the original article was edited, so here is a link to the original version. Also in image form on imgur. Thanks to the folks who pointed it out.