RPG Elements

There is a new trend in calling the Mass Effect 3 "Gears of Mass Effect" because of... well, because of a single gameplay video with no interface.

If you played the original and loved it, including the pause-on-action to use skills, I can agree with your distaste of a more action-paced game, or even of any change you don't approve. It's like ordering a pepperoni pizza and receiving half-mozzarella, half-pepperoni instead. Some people just hate mozzarella.

However, I don't agree this makes it LESS of an RPG. RPGs are about choices (which you have) and "creating your own unique character". Both which the game gives you, and better in ME2.

But on the very unlikely prospect of ME3 turning into a full, blown out shooter, sad as this may sound, this won't make it a worse RPG. A worse game, perhaps, this will be left to the public to decide, but "action" and "RPG" aren't dimissive genres and may as well mix together.

Given how little turn-based games are left today, RPGs included, it's clear what most people prefer.