Bad News

There are 3 (bad) news about Diablo 3 now

- Permanent Internet connection required

- No modding

- Using cash to buy items

When I played Diablo 2 my internet was not good so I played mostly single player and sometimes LAN, at that time. However, if I would play today I would play mostly online so, I guess, it's not that bad. Still, losing a option is never good. And losing your internet in the middle of a boss fight is even worse.

Modding I used a bit, to check if some silly build would work, or simply to respect points if some ability didn't worked has I expected. The lack of mods will be missed but they were never supported at first place, it was always a gray area but, again, I didn't used it a lot and I hope the game will allow you to respect without hacks, so it's not that bad.

However, the use of real cash on the auction house bothers me.

For the people who already buy items, gold and characters, it's great news.

For me, I find spending money virtual swords not fun. I like the feeling of finding that rare item in the wild. I also think it's a bad way to spend my money, and opens a very, very bad precedent. I am happy I am not planning to PvP in Diablo 3 because having fat purses will definitely helps. People will deny it but they don't want to see rich people getting an edge, forcing them to either pay or watch their e-peen shrink.

The game still look good, but I can't say these are changes which made me happy. I'm surely giving Torchlight 2 a chance.