Denial of Service

The DOTA community was harsh, and a good deal of the hardcore, elitist part of that community migrated to Heroes of Newerth.

Reading the notes about the casual mode, they basically say the game may not be very fun at times. It's more of a long, harsh struggle in which one guy end up broken and frustated and the winning side is happy that the match ended in his favor.

I guess one of the few fun things you can do is to get a complete newbie in the game and utter obliterate him, because you suffered all the traps before and hell if you are not going to make someone else pay for it now.

The game at it's very core looks like it was made to frustate both sides. With slow, conservative gameplay which punishes risks and rushes, as they admit. A staple of Heroes of Newerth and DOTA mechanics is the mechanic of denying. Killing one of your AI mobs so the enemy doesn't get the experience and gold they could have if they killed it. Oh, you want to kill that enemy? Want to level up? Buy items? DO YOU WANT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME???

Denied, bitch.