Slippery Slope

Between all the big stars of E3, a rather modest game from Vanillware catch my eye, Dragon Crown.

If you played Shadow over Mystara, you know why I am excited about this game. 2d brawlers were a genre I had given for dead and the mere fact this game exist is worth the praise for me, being inspired (some would say, blatantly copied) by one of the best renditions of the genre make it all the better.

The models are freaky, but seeing it in motion, they work. They are so absurd they loop around and end up good in a cartoony sorta of way.

Sad note - PS3 and PSVita only. I am disappointed but MAYBE if the reception of the game is good, they will port it. A gamer can hope.

Closing note - For Song of Ice and Fire fans, I have a new comic.