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Out of Metal
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about 14 years ago
"Guys! There's a reason i built a dispenser. It gives unlimited ammo, so you dont have to hog ammo-boxes!"
over 14 years ago
GRAVY. oh my god this shit is fun... nice stroy man
almost 15 years ago
no its the smallest metal box that has like 46 metal credits
almost 15 years ago
I think the scouts taking the bar too shape it into a bat, or sometin.

ME out
over 15 years ago
@Tunddruff: How else is he going to distract people so he can bonk them with a bat?
over 15 years ago
Why does the scout have a brick?
over 15 years ago
Engi tan: How come my dispenser wont make metal???!!!
A Dog And A Man!
over 15 years ago
Remember when you could steal other teams engis metal and ammo?
Good times.
over 15 years ago
Engie is singing 'Still alive'. Adorable.
over 15 years ago
wow, i say she deservz it.
the pyro did 2much for her >_>