With The Smurfs movie, I think they ran out of childhood stuff to bring to the silver screen. In all honesty, took them a while to do this one. Unless they start grabbing really obscure stuff, they ran out of IP to movie-fy.

Who I am kidding? Just super-heros alone will keep Hollywood going for years before they ran out of material, and they can just put out sequels at that point.

Talking about movies, I enjoyed Iron Man more than the comic itself actually (Civil War Tony is a prick) but I enjoyed exactly because it was different. Thats the thing with super-hero movies, they always change the source material to a point I am just going to watch a random story with someone wearing a super-hero costume.

Thor didn't impress me, I may see it just to check how much they are raping this one. Green Lantern looks better, but I fear it will be a warm action move with lots of green special effects.

I am not touching X-men movies anymore, I learned my lesson.