Holy Cows

Like on comics, longer any lore story goes, less solid it starts to turn.

Between dozens of pop culture references and forced developments, WoW story now is shaky for me. Taurens and N; Elves have lots in common but yet, can't live together... the Humans reject their Forsaken brethen but accept the Death Knight ones. Demons are the cause of half of Azeroth problems and yet Warlock openly summon them.

I am sure someone will give me a "reasonable" explanation for it and I don't care. A game lore should be acceptable, not explainable. I won't be surprised if on Warcraft dawn Thrall marry Jaina and together they merge Alliance and Horde in a single loot-addicted faction.

I can totally enjoy the game for it's gameplay merits but I understand why some people just accept the quest without reading it. Sometimes it's better to just hunt virtual boars and collect your reward without trying to think there is a bigger plot running behind.