Let me put this first, the game is fun and worth of your money.

The game is also buggy, and by buggy I mean the "options" screen didn't work for me before the 1st patch.

The multiplayer interface is right from the nineties, with all the connectivity problems you had that time. Just joining my friend game was reason to celebrate.

I will try multiplayer later now a 2nd patch is up and hopefully I will experiment co-op chaos. When I tried, the number of bugs multiplied based on the number of players present.

The game humor is filled with memes and your enjoyment (or disappointement) will be proportional to how many pop-culture references you can take. I enjoyed it but I definitely tried to not be hipster about it.

Still, the single player experience already paid for the cost of the game. I reached the 4th boss and it was insanely fun trying different tactics and magicks.. until the game crashed on the boss and sent me straight to the start of the stage.