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Danke, Herr Doktor!
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over 12 years ago
Boy, that makes me remeber de brentalfloss Zelda video: - It's dangerous to go alone... TAKE THIS!
over 12 years ago
UBER-CONDOMS only in the Mann co. Shop ! XD
Eric TheDongle
over 13 years ago
Just... Too. Funny.
over 14 years ago
omg, medic have six fingers
Chip hanson
over 14 years ago
did no one else get the lucky star reference in the first panel?
over 14 years ago
Uber Condoms and Kritzkreig brand Lube!
Dr. Taco: Surgeon at Law
almost 15 years ago
Ew... wouldn't an Uberchraged condom make your **** glow?
about 15 years ago
I agree--KK FTW.
By the way, someone really should prodcue the Uber Condom and give them out at the next gaming convention.
about 15 years ago
Awesome Uber Condom, 100 % protection, also Uber Tempons for women avaliable in your local pharmacy
about 15 years ago
A Kritzkrieg condom would just make it better, but no protection!! xD its like lotion or something...
about 15 years ago
Medic:No flaregun unlockables yet
Spah (Spy)
about 15 years ago
Uber! Ready for use instantly!
It comes in ALL shapes and sizes!
Great for quick or long uses!
Buy, NOW!
*Warning, May have mild or severe side-effects like constipation*
about 15 years ago
Needs a Kritzkrieg condom.
about 15 years ago
Wait, wait... Pyro/Sniper babies? It's the Flare Gun crowd! (I love the Medic's big-brother-ness, too.)
about 15 years ago
Über protection :D
about 15 years ago
Kruber brand protection:
You'll perform better in bed, but enjoy your AIDS and unplanned pregnancy!
about 15 years ago
"Let's just hope this one last more then 10 seconds."
Man that really made me laugh when I read it.