Poker Face

I know many games, from chess to War and all sort of videogames but I never played Poker.

I decided to buy Poker Night at the Inventory to fill horrible gap on my gaming curriculum so I could at least understand casino movies and it was a fun, cheap way to have a introduction to Texas Hold'em and I find anything Heavy says is actually hilarious.

TF2 items, this time, had little appeal. I guess right now TF2 have a syndrome of too much of a good thing with all these custom items.

Back to poker...

The first time I played, with people using all these terms I got utterly and completely lost, I guess thats how a complete stranger would feel being tossed around a match of Magic the Gathering without any prior introduction.

Still, eventually I got the hang of the terms, the cards and I can see the appeal of it now.. still, playing against the computer seen kinda pointless and I don't gamble so I guess Poker will always be something fun to watch sometimes, not to play.