The cycle starts again.

People will dust off old accounts, someone marriage will crumble, people will rush to level 85 and them complain there is nothing new to see.

Been there, done that, it's still amazing to see it again and again.

I admit the idea of renewing the old world is very nice. At this point LOTS of oll assets are just painfully dated now, specially if you compare with some of the newer stuff. Just don't go expectating cutting edge graphics because it's still a 5 years old game.

Every new visit I do to Azeroth is usually shorter than the previous because,simply, no good game last forever. I think WoW it's as strong as ever but every time I play it, I got tired of it faster because I simply played it a lot.

I admit, however, the combat revamp made brought some fresh air which will entertain most people until they, at least, hit the new cap.