Back To EVE

CCP have a promotion for ex-players to try the game again for 5 days free, and who doesn't like free play?

I re-downloaded the client and quickly put my brave capsuleer to study Drones because that's what the only thing I could still remember to do in EVE. I don't even know how to orbit stations anymore and I think if I left the safety of the station, I would drift aimlessly in the cold space until some bored pirate kill me.

But was not the challenge which keep me away from EVE, but fear. I learned the game once, enough to do lvl 5 mission on "Suwako Nice Boat", my Dominix Drone Ship, I could learn it again.

But I was  a purely high-sec player because the fear of losing my stuff always kept me from venturing deeper in space. I can deal with losing stuff, but not with the effort needed to get it back.

I don't see me playing much EVE again unless there was a magical, non-boring or passive way to make ISK. For me, PvE was the only way to make money and it was not fun after a while.

I could perhaps had joined some Corp but we all heard the drama-filled horror stories of EVE Corps. I prefer to avoid and still think it was a wise decisions.

Still, I can always enjoy some nice studying time on these comfy stations while chaos and intrigue fills the void of the space.