An Apple A Day

I visited Microsoft Kinect homepage to see how they are trying to sell the product and the advertisements with the focus on the lack of control and the ease of access of the new toy rubbed me the wrong way.

They never outright say "sitting bad, moving good" but I can't stop noticing a veiled critic to the traditional way videogames are played, specially the glassy eyed nerd shut in his room, screaming on the mic while playing some violent game.

You see,  I have no problem in playing with my "complicated" control sitting lazily on my couch on a quiet room. Not all gaming need to be a party circus with dumbed down gameplay which everybody can play because they simply require little skill.

Of course playing with friends is fun, this is no news. Poker with friends is fun and Kinect for me is like asking the regular Poker group to play with their cards facing down while wearing party hats because it would be SO FUN!

I only hope the regular, nerdy, "overly complicated" gaming survive these motion-control days.

However, the dinamic part of the thing isn't bad. I think gaming can also involve more than your hands. It will be interesting to see the result of all these new gadgets 5 years from now.

But don't be fooled, if Kinect make an huge impact and games of "kick the virtual ball" start selling like hotcakes, expect far less "Halo" and far more "Kinectmals" in the future, the companies, after all, go where the money is.