A Miqo'te is fine too

I found FF14 slow and boring, and by slow and boring I compare it as Mass Effect mineral scan mini-game, only now the whole thing is a big game of mineral scanning.

I heard part of the crafting annoying mechanics is to curb botting, which is a noble initiative but won't make it a fun experience. It's the same reasoning which crashed your game if you tried to tab out of it on FF 11 (to avoid people running bots programs). I prefer when my games don't go police state on my own computer, thanks.

It seen 14 is a game to be played only with a network of friends. One guy collect the materials, other craft the stuff and a third one will wield it and they all together will roam the lands fighting evil. This game isn't solo friendly as much as it's group oriented. Think EVE, but without PvP and griefing.

14 remind me of a time when games were work, boring work, reaching high levels or obtaining something rare was the fruit of weeks, months of boring labor, and only the brave and stout would endure it.

For those, I hope the end of the road was worth it.