Smoking Time

My TF2 senses are tingling... update coming today, perhaps?

Also, something slightly related to today comic.

The rest of the post contain Starcraft Campaign spoilers



Tychus is a criminal and probably a sociopath, but no one cay say he isn't a loyal friend.

Tychus friend can rest assure he will be back on Heart of the Swarm thanks to Mengsk research on hybrid technology.

So we will have a new King of Blades "loyal" to Mengsk but who really just want to kick Raynor in the nuts. He probably will shove some hard truths down Raynor throat about his not-so-clean past

He will die in the end anyway, probably thanks to Kerrigan intervention, but perhaps some wedge will be planted between the couple relationship, to be solved, of course, on the last chapter.

Still, despite his homicidal tendencies, he was a bro, and Raynor choose the ho.

Not cool Raynor, not cool.