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Metroid Other M sold well, it sold very well. What it shows?

Depise some fans getting horrified by fragile and submissive Samus, the target public, many who never played a Metroid game before, enjoyed it. Or at least bought it which, for now, it's what matters.

To people used to old Metroid games is may sounds like an heresy, but game companies care more about staying green. The game sold wonderfully and I fully expect a sequel now.

I don't know why they suppose the new chatty Samus was worth a try, but they surely didn't made it to piss of people. I don't doubt, however, they think a cold character isn't as profitable.

In the end, the ones who are crying the loudest are probably the ones who had it pre-ordered, and this one is hard to make happy, but quick to buy it anyway, so it's easy for a company to focus on the new blood.

For me, Samus before wasn't exactly the more involving of the characters. You could make a Metroid game with another Bounty Hunter and, until the unmasking in the end, no one would notice. I think this speaks how important the person inside the armor used to be.

At least now she have some kinda of personality, even if isn't my favorite one.