Special Delivery

I saw Inception, but instead of talking about the plot and other stuff several people already covered at this point I will talk about 2 things, one I liked, one I disliked.

Spoilers ahead, of course.

No bullshit science. There is a magic box which allow you to enter people's dreams. I prefer this approach than pseudo-science which almost always fall short. Wish more movies followed this formula.

Clean Heroes. The first Architet at the start of the movie betray the team, so it's fine to him to die, but neither DiCaprio or the Japanese guy do it of course, it's the faceless company who pull the trigger. While DiCaprio goal it's to rejoin with his spawm, he is also helping to save the world of falling in the clutches of a big monopolist company by helping a company who do something akin to brainwash and mind-control.  Note the monopolist company is never seen doing anything wrong (as far as big monopolist companies go)

Well, looking this way he was a good son-of-a-bitch.. perhaps this was the purpose all the way.

I will talk about Scott Pilgrim (the comic, not the movie) on the next comic.