Corrective Action

As a note, I want to say I don't exactly agree with everything I draw... Pyro backburner however, is almost spot on. It have it's use, but dozens of times I am out in the wild with the burner I find myself in dire need to airblast a medic, or reflect a rocket, or stop an uber.

On the opposite, if I meet a situation I -do- need a backburner, I can always improvise with the axtinguish, or just kill then normally with the flamethrower if they arent a high HP class.

Of course, this is just me.. there is no "right" way to play a videogame and if someone find they work better with the backburner, go for it.

Polycount winners were announced and I find rhw Scout Pack  very well though. I will risk to say the Milk perhaps give Scout some healing-over-time, I won't mind a way to heal myself behind enemy lines, or even during fights.

But what I am hoping it's the tankbuster is true to his name and pack a heavy punch.