Perhaps I am old... perhaps I am like my grandfather, unable to understand what's the appeal of stay inside looking to a TV, screaming, while the sun is shining outside.

But old or not, Kinect Animals is the epitome of the bad side of "casual" gaming.

Yes, because there is a good side. Being popular means more people to play it, be it family, coworker or lover. Also, being accessible means perhaps now you can play it from start to finish, and there are always hard modes to people who want an extra punch.

However, Kinect Critters is just... is having a real pet that much work? I mean, if I could ride a tank or shoot zombies without real life consequences, I'd surely go for it.

But I am at ease... I am sure 100 years from now my kid's kids will play "NintendoSun" who realistic emulate the feeling of taking a sunbath.

Because, you know, stepping outside is so much work...