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For Exposure

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about 1 month ago
Depending on how dumb the Lord is, he might try and squeeze every penny he can from the troops for food, shelter, gear and such. If he does this to Victoire his reign will be short.
Alice Macher
about 1 month ago
Soldier: "Your 'pay' will be the exposure you'll receive!"

Victoire: "What if I expose your jugular vein instead?"
about 1 month ago
So I'm actually pretty sure that most military conscripts throughout history were paid. Not necessarily paid WELL (and sometimes as little as "whatever you manage to loot on the battlefield"), but for many that was actually one of the few ways to become a landowner (i.e. the origins of feudalism)
Beast Wolf
about 1 month ago
It is risky to try and coerce someone who has experience defending themselves.
Governing entities have many ways to face this problem, from offering exclusive benefits to using a flood of their other conscripts as bargaining pressure.

They should also have the most skilled soldiers already.