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Roll For Initiative

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9 days ago
A troll DM would randomly roll dice for no reason anyway, just to keep the players on their toes.
27 days ago
@Beast Wolf: In D&D 5th edition, there's a "passive perception" stat, where the DM/GM/narrator is that one that checks if your character can notice something. He can also secretly roll for it, tough that usually leaves players nervous anyway. Some DMs rolls randomly for that.
Ovis Militaris
about 1 month ago
The DM giveth, and the DM taketh away. Fear His power to warp reality as he sees fit and His amusement from toying with Entropy.
Beast Wolf
about 1 month ago
This reaction is why the game arbiter should not inform you that you do not see something if none of the players can see it. Unless they want to tell you to pretend that you do not see it, which can be funny.
about 1 month ago
And that's when you warp to camp to swap in Astarion!
about 1 month ago
remind me in baldur's gate (the first, not the third, my old pc can't run the third, i'm replaying the old ones)

*suddenly the party gain exp for discovering something*
me: "wtf did they find? i don't see anything!"

the thing had like one pixel out of the fog of war...