If your once niche hobby is going mainstream and it's slowly changing and you were happy with how it used to be, I'd say to prepare yourself.

However, If the company that owns the hobby is actively attacking and gaslighting the old fans, bailout.

You may be thinking you may thrive by building a small community with your close friends and only enjoy the old content but realistically... how fun can this be and how long will it last? No influx of new players, no new content, only revisiting stuff you already know while avoiding the new stuff that changes the material and you hate.

I am not saying to burn your books, but instead to start looking for a replacement, hopefully, one that is not tied to a big corporation. Sticking to a hobby that does not want you is like stalking an ex-girlfriend who broke up to go for Chad. In the end, it never liked you, only your money.

Accept and move on, and find happiness elsewhere.

p.s. It's ok to laugh at the downfall of the hobby when its pivot for a new public fails. Normies like normie stuff, and I doubt rolling dice will ever hold them for long.