Pokemon Go Ray

The Weaponmaster story will continue but I just HAD to write about the Pokemon Go thing.

I knew about the change for a while but I honestly thought it was either fake, or just someone messing with the character editor to create an ugly character on purpose.

The change baffled me, first because of how many glitches the change generated. Animations look off, poses look weird and there are a fair share of glitches on the body. There was a definitive lack of competence in the execution of the change.

But most importantly, the models look ugly. I am not talking about a "she is not hot anymore" but more about a "the model doesn't look human anymore". The groin area is too tall, the legs too short to compensate and what the hell is this gap between the legs??

I know enough about drawing fanservice to see a deliberate change when I see one. They clearly wanted to de-sexy-fy the models as much as possible and I feel the artists working in the game eventually gave up and followed whatever order management gave them. What surprised me is whoever saw the result approved it.

This is some hatred for anything beautiful to the point they find those models acceptable. It's like how some bodybuilders and anorexic people start to have weird body perceptions. Someone at Nyantic looked at those models and thought it was fine, and this bothers me way too much.