Charlie Animation

Let me start by posting the video that inspired this comic, and proceed with the context for those who are missing it.

The current version of the story I am aware of is Verbalese, a YouTuber that does animations, seems to have paid around 50k dollars for an animation of him and Charlie from Hazbin Hotel having some fun times.

There are also rumors he went bankrupt doing that and the animator is a minor, but as far as I know, those are not true. To be honest, I don't know if anything about this is true because the whole thing looks like a fever dream.

Still, as someone who draws a fair share of cartoon porn, and knows a lot of people consume cartoon porn, I am amused by the sheer indignity about the whole thing. Sure, the video is cringe, but anyone's fetish/fantasy is cringe when exposed. I guess having a 2d character makes it worse but don't be fooled thinking you would have better chances with Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman.

I'll give it, however, 50k is a lot of money and it's not what I would call a wise investment unless you are uber-rich. However, a Magic the Gathering Black Lotus card sold for 500k so keep that in mind when discussing what people do with their money.

I close by saying I am down to drawing your fantasies with Charlie, and my rates are lower than 50k. Hell, I even drew her on my Patreon once. Verbalese, if you are reading this, I got you.

p.s. Lots of people saying the price for the animation is too high and while I agree it's expensive, keep in mind animation IS expensive. Google says a Professional-Level Animation costs $8000 – $25000 Per Minute. Keep in mind In the end we don't know how much he paid for the whole thing since we don't have the recipes. Still, 50k for 3 minutes is not an absurd number.

p.p.s. I won't discard the whole thing being a huge publicity stunt.