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5 months ago
I know, this is why I stopped joking about (random character) secretly meeting (random character) to get it on. Then again Robot Chicken did have the same idea I did for why 1987 April O'Neil always being kidnapped by the Shredder.
Christian Bielert
5 months ago
Is this a TFS reference?
Bulma: I thought you were wearing protection
Vegeta: Well, duh! I'm wearing my ARMOR!
5 months ago
--> If only 25% of that actively uses the internet, and only 0.001% of those have a very specific fetish, you're still looking at 20k people into noses, or doorknobs, or Sonichu, et cetera. The fact there's porn of Mario isn't weird, it would be weird if there wasn't any.
5 months ago
@Samuel Measa: Not that surprising. Think of a thing. Anything, no matter how mundane or weird. Congratulations. You just thought of someone's fetish. There are 8 billion people out there. -->
5 months ago
I remember back when I first started lurking in chatrooms (late 90's) and heard about Mario Porn. Didn't think it was a real thing back then. Now it's almost every where.
Xiao Long Yang
5 months ago
And that's why she loves him.