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Lv 3 Generator
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Richard Rudel
5 months ago
I see it now, Angie hits the generator then the Generator goes "BROOOM!" and suddenly the doors all open.
5 months ago
how is DBD any better than evolve was?
k e
5 months ago
Next, Angie as the killer, with turrets :p
5 months ago
This is the entire issue with DBD...They want to allow groups to play but refuse to account for the huge advantage voice chat gives them. And they refuse to give killers the option to play against only randoms, because they know killers will never play against groups again.
5 months ago
Entity: "What do you MEAN you guys can't stop the survivors?!"
*Meanwhile, a TF2 Engineer has a Sentry, Dispenser, and Teleporter set up near one of the transformers and is hammering away at the machinery*
Engine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsQYjvbd0EI