Be my guest

This one have an interesting backstory.

My (new) HDD died, putting a close to a long series of computer related woes I had. 

I got so frustated with dealing with faulty hardware I decided to buy a brand new one (almost went Mac!) but bad customer service from Dell delayed my decision.

I decided to send my machine for repairs but I needed it to have a operational HDD for it so I bite the bullet and bought one anyway. Worst case I could add it to any new machine I bought.

It seen the new HDD made the machine work fine. I won't say it is running perfectly because this is windows on a 2 year old rig, but it's working with no random glitches which in the end, is what matter.

Still, I had planned to update less while the machine was in repairs because of the whole not-having-a-computer-to-update thing but, to my surprise, something good come from this whole HDD fiasco.

Lin R. Visel (18+) offered to do a guest strip for me while I resolved my computer woes and I much happily agreed.

I was thinking in perhaps saving it for Engineer Update but knowing Valve, it may not happen this year so to hell with waiting.

Enjoy the guest strip and thanks Lin for helping me! :)