Strong Arguments

Blizzard just fired their Overwatch esports team, which I think its a sign of things to come.

They tried to create a popular esports game but forgot the part about it being a popular esports first.

Now, a game can be popular, competitive and nice to watch, but it's hard for a game to be all those at the same time. Blizzard definitely put the carriage ahead of the horse and assumed it could solve the issue by pouring money into it.

For whatever reason, the Overwatch esports scene never blossomed. The reasons are not important for now (though they could be an interesting discussion in itself) but the end result is it never gathered the numbers Blizzard hoped. Truth be told, Blizzard wanted some very high numbers which I doubt could ever be possible unless the Overwatch League turned out to be THE esports of the world.

With public interest in Overwatch waning, it's clear the Overwatch League will never turn into the dream project Blizzard dreamed it to be and they are either pulling the plug or greatly lessening the scope of the project.

I doubt many will miss it.