Cyberpunk Hype Curve

Apologies for my absence, I had some serious internet problems on the weekend due to heavy rains where I live. The joys of living in SA I guess.

Anyway... I don't expect Phantom Liberty to be a steaming pile, but I also did not expect the original to be.

Whatever perfect shitstorm happened can happen again and while I don't believe they purposely try to deliver a bad game, sometimes it happens.

What my real expectations are:

- A very good main quest similar to the Heist one in the original game, but a pretty bland game outside that.

- The new police will have a whole new set of issues and I expect players to complain about overzealous cops in the future.

- Vehicle combat, good or bad, will be used very little.

- The new talents will be op and I expect multiple builds which will trivialize the game.

To close, I am not saying to not buy the game, but only warning to adjust your expectations and notice we have been here before.