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Sami Nash
over 12 years ago
Thanks Nerf for putting in a guilty gear reference. seems like im the last person playing it
The slender man
over 13 years ago
Omg. . . This is the most convincing trap ever, BRIDGET IS A FuCkINg BoY!!!!!!!!!!
over 13 years ago
You clearly mean Yo-Saph-Bridge
over 13 years ago
And no one is wondering why Bridget is standing at a street corner?

What? is it that expensive to enter guilty gear?
over 13 years ago
That fanservice of yours sure is funny... and it's even funnier that somebody spent that much time cutting your character faces JUST for that video... NERFNOW is AWESOME
over 13 years ago
[url=#user_comment_32346]@Itazura[/url] You obviously don't understand the meaning of "joke"
over 13 years ago

Also add me on the psn if you want

"Baccozzo" we could play some Demon Souls
over 13 years ago
Am I the only one who thinks it's Engie-tan in the second panel?
over 13 years ago
I do like traps. :o
over 13 years ago
Since when was it not possible to write messages on walls in red pen?
over 13 years ago
Never played Guilty Gear and had to do a corresponding google/wiki search to understand the Bridget.
I can tell by the last frame that you are single. Good luck finding someone to wipe your bum if you ever fall off a ladder and break both your arms. the magic of matrimony <3
over 13 years ago
...Or maybe the second.
over 13 years ago
Jo's version of Bridget is the first time I actually thought about going gay for him :/
It's subsided...I think.

And man, if only Demon Souls was on a platform I actually have.
over 13 years ago
Face it, we're all gay for bridget.
Resident Medic
over 13 years ago
Have to say, the JibJab vid made me laugh up my diaphragm.
over 13 years ago
Isn't it Demon's SoulS?
over 13 years ago
Omg the shota nun!
over 13 years ago
i've seen that jibjab chippendales thing too many times, my face even got put on one of them... but the faces used for this one, i damn near bust a nut laughing. pyro, the shocked engie-tan... haha.
Jiggle Billy
over 13 years ago
I made the video but i dont know really
look it up at the chipendale website or whatever.
Mr. B
over 13 years ago
What song is that in the Jib Jab video?
A Bag of Opinions
over 13 years ago
I've noticed that too...

...it explains itself. No need for my opinion.
over 13 years ago
no witch bride photonotes?
Officer Combine
over 13 years ago
Oh wow...that link...best idea for a nerf now parody ever.
A Fan
over 13 years ago
@tsu-money: What if you're a woman?
over 13 years ago
Oh god, why do you draw Bridget so adorably?
over 13 years ago
If it's pretty, fuck it!
There is no gay!
over 13 years ago
Everyone is gay for Bridget.
over 13 years ago
I had no idea that People loved Cross-dressing nuns so much.
over 13 years ago
That was INCREDIBLY fast! Good work!
over 13 years ago
You know this would be very convient; however, it would be rather strange after a while, I mean, you walk into a room, look into a Mirror, and someone left a note saying-
You look pretty when you sleep-
-Just saying, stalking would be redefined.
over 13 years ago
i would tap that trap of traps
Archaic order
over 13 years ago
Darth Chain
over 13 years ago
it would the second trap warning is to obvious though and dibs on second panel
over 13 years ago
Yes. Yes it would be awesome. Although the last warning probably isn't needed. =P