It's late

I remember playing the original Prince of Persia with its nice, fluid animations and frustating challenge. You had 1 hour to rescue the princess (yeah, I know) and the limited time forced you to move quickly, but being hasty made you fall to the countless traps. I still hate Vizirs and spiked traps to this day.

I liked Prince transition to 3d though (ignoring the now forgotten Prince of Persia 3d). Warrior Within was just a blast to play. The combat is there, the puzzles are there, gone is the time against the clock BUT time as a element its still present in the game, but now as your ally, a nice touch.

Not so cool was the blandly labeled "Prince of Persia" with its infinite replay feature. I don't expect any game today to be hardcore , but an easy Prince of Persia just don't work for me. Need to say I have high hopes for the new one.