I Don't Want To Git Gud, I Want To Be Happy

Here are the 3 big issues with Dota right now

1) The matches take too long and don't really allow for a break. In Icefrog's defense, he put some mechanism that makes 1+ hour matches rare, so there is that at least.

2) MMR makes everybody serious business and they see malice everywhere. They'll judge your hero pick, your build, your items, and any misplay as intentional griefing.

3) Some positions (support) are less desirable than others (core) and yet, you need 5 people in a team. Not everybody embraces the selfless support archetype and if you aren't trying to rank up there are not many incentives to play one.

The game can be fun but there is so much baggage attached I don't want to bother. Doesn't help the game changes a lot every year and I'd probably be called a feeder because I don't know all the new mechanics.