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Rock and Stone
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4 months ago
Nice super spin dash there Angie.
4 months ago
"Abandon Thread!"
4 months ago
Sounds fun. I should try it sometime.
4 months ago
From the trailers. I got the impersonation that it was more Borderlands,
with Dwarfs,
Who may have escaped from a hospital,
And raided the local Space Marine Armory,
Then went A-team,
Also that is not a good look for Angie. Unless your giving her longer hair and goggles.
4 months ago
but dwarf children need a beard. you need to swaddle them in their beads for maximum comfy
4 months ago
Dwarven female with a beard? Well, I suppose that is preferable to children. Kind of thinking Dwangie need longer hair to balance out the beard.