Some things about Lost Ark I learned only by playing it and no guide told me.

- Every +1 you put on your gear raises your power relative roughly by 5%. So if I am +10 and someone is +12, the +12 person will be 10% stronger assuming everything else is the same.

- Different from every modern game I've seen, better gear simply can have more crit. This means if nothing changes and the game keeps giving better and better gear, you'll eventually reach 100% crit or more.

- Engravings and Stats (crit, swiftness) are more important than raw level of the gear, assuming you are on the same tier and a finely tuned +15 T2 will overperform a fresh-from-the-gates T3.

- You can follow a guide for the optimal build, or do the math and find WHY the build is optimal. This game make me think koreans are just some big math nerds.