World Wrestling Entertainment

You go to sleep and when you wake up we have a classic territorial invasion happening with tanks and troops. Basically, war.

Now, I won't make a habit of covering the conflict, the same way I didn't make a habit of covering covid but still, I can't simply look to the other side and pretend nothing is happening in Ukraine. In the end of the day, I simply can't think much about Elden Ring or Lost Ark today.

I could go on a looooong rant about the conflict, a rant that would probably be wrong on many aspects since war is a deep topic that touch economy, geopolitics, and history so I'll not pretend I truly know what is happening and just say this is a tragedy and I hope peace and reason prevail. If it's not clear enough: Bad Putin, bad. No cookie.

One last aspect I want to touch is, there is this video running around of a family inside a house and a jet flyby and shooting a missile nearby that rocks the whole complex. Luckily nobody was hurt but after seeing so many movies and games that glorify the whole aspect of war, especially its war machines, it sure puts things in perspective.