NFT Through Story

I wish NFTs were not relevant to videogames but here we are.

I am not saying there is absolutely no use ever for NFTs ever, but like a car powered by uranium, it's a terrible solution looking for a problem that is already solved.

And of course, it's obvious all those NFTs being tossed around are a way to try to make a fool and his money get separated. It's a purely speculative market of zero value stuff hoping somehow they'll turn into the new Beanie Babies.

I'll just say a big issue all those NFTs have is, from Magic cards to Dota skins, something still need to have real value to someone on the chain for it to be bought and I find it very hard to imagine someone out there really wants to buy some monkey jpgs for thousand of dollars for personal use. Even if such a person exists, he isn't going to fuel the rampant market of ugly-ass art that is growing out there.

My 2 crypto cents.