For those who don't know, those are characters from the game Girls Frontline. Since we have an anime going I decided to give it a bit of a spotlight.

I totally forgot Agent's real name since I only call her "Maido".

The original joke was far different btw, with Morgan asking about the practicality of such gun setup and Tentajo just answering this is a fanservice character and Morgan question was silly for pretending such setup is anything but fetish fuel... while Tentajo scolding Morgan was fun, I don't think Morgan would make the question and the scolding, while deserved, called a bit short of a decent punchline.

Also had an idea of Agent doing the whole skirt flip and someone pointing it and saying "omg, she has no panties" and she covered herself back and was shot down. If she was actually panties-less was something I didn't decide since both could work but again... I think someone who does so much flip-skirt would either remember to put on underwear or would not care.

Now excuse me, I need to work on my Patreon...