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over 13 years ago
[url=#user_comment_305]@rw[/url] Well, those Terran need a lot of recruits, they'll take anyone.
Wealthy Hobo
almost 15 years ago
I don't care if it's physically impossible or not, there is at least one dumbass so incompetant that he couldn't even get the damn tank to move or shoot.
about 15 years ago
Buahahah Surge :D!
over 15 years ago
If I was the tank pilot, I'd be going "CRY SOME MOARRRR!"
Don't their bodies normally explode? (Damn evil baby Larvae looks so..evil.)
over 15 years ago
;_; Poor... whatever she is. I forget. DX
over 15 years ago
The gunner seems to remind me of Elmer Fudd.
Still great work.