Game Breaking Issues

I get there are some other issues in Halo Infinite like not being able to select the mode you want to play (fuck Capture the Flag) but the brunt of the complaining boils down to "the progressions system is too grindy and I need to play too much to get the time-gated armor." Old school me look at it expecting the special armor to give you double damage or flying but... no, it's just cosmetics. Yes, it may be nice cosmetics, but seeing how bad people fall for FOMO always irks me. You look at someone's inventory with 10+ "must-have" hats but somehow, the new one is a matter of life and death and people will gladly open their wallets for the new shiny.

If Valve launched TF3 and it had absolutely no hats I'd totally okay with it, even prefer it that way because I won't have to see Lime Scouts. But what do I know?

Now get out of my lawn...