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9 days ago
I would be surprised if that mink was paid by Anne's OnlyFans page...
What was the link again?
11 days ago
If you are interested in New World you want to be in now so you can exploit. If you want a mature game, come back in a year and look at it. This game may never be properly fixed, or it could become good.
11 days ago
New MMOs are notorious for duping exploits. Experienced MMO companies have them. New World is laughably flawed and has extremely open code. Duping is bad, but exploiters are able to do a lot worse.
11 days ago
Anne is always classy! Now she's taking it up a notch!
11 days ago
@ Andy Willow

And a green apple one at that. Anne Marie is pure class.
11 days ago
I see you snuck a 4Kids One Piece gag in there. Truly a man of culture.