GiantDad Joke

Some insight about how the creative process of a comic strip.

The Giant Armor set isn't a drop from an enemy, but a purchasable item from the Giant Blacksmith, and the only enemies who wear a similar armor in the game is the Giant Knights in Anor Londo. It's not hard to assume the Giant vendor makes giant-sized armor for the giant population of Anor Londo. I have my setup.

I could show the player buying the set from the vendor, but then they would have no idea of how big the Giant Knights are. Maybe the vendor just called it "Giant" to denote size and the player could just order a "Normal" set instead like we do when ordering soda.

The Giant Knights do drop weapons and I could make the joke with the player trying to use their halberds but honestly, some Souls games weapons are so big people may not even notice the joke here.

So I end up with a mix of both, killing the Knights (to show their size) and having them drop the armor instead since it's implied the armor the smith sells is the giant version due to its heavyweight and similar design.

Of course, there is always that guy who'll nitpick the vendor may have made a smaller version just for you, or I am using the wrong loot table and we would have no joke. Honestly, I just don't try to appease that guy. He is like the person who points a magic trick is not real sorcery but sleight of hand. Some degree of goodwill is needed for any form of entertainment and some people just don't like you or your stuff and trying to appeal to them is too much effort for too little reward.