Everybody said Subnautica was good but I did not believe it. A exploration game without combat ON THE SEA? Surely it's some boring walki... swimming simulation where you run away from sharks and collect seashells.

Boy, was I wrong? Subnautica was a treat and I enjoyed my journey there. Was it perfect? No... I found the "Prawn stuck on <that place>" bug consistently and it took me ages to find some very important things like Gel Sack and the Moonpool fragments.

The open nature, hands-off nature of the game means you may simply be stuck for ages and even miss obvious things like how your vehicles have storage.

Still, I enjoyed it. The sea is beautiful, the bases are nice to build and manage, the vehicles are great and all handle differently and I got invested in the story and even grew attached to the planet near the end.

10/10 would drow in some dark cave again.

p.s. Sea Emperor is my waifu.