Hot Tub / Pool streams are honest about what they are, and those "yoga" videos on youtube at least have the fine girl in tights doing yoga stuff, even if the exercise is secondary for the viewing experience.

ASMR on Twitch has as much actual ASMR as Blizzard has concern for its workers. I've played full-blow eroge games that had less realistic dick-sucking sound. Hell, I've watched porn that sounded less realistic.

Props to the people on the channel tho, they mastered the science of lewd noise making and recording to a point you can't watch the channel without headphones.

Now, about actual ASMR, I'm sure there is maybe some down the line, but my experience was just naughty whispering and licking. If this counts as ASMR then the porn industry has been doing this for ages now.

To close, I am not against them doing it on Twitch. I am no prude. It just bothers me they calling all this auditory pornography ASMR when there is almost none of it. What's next? Masturbating with cucumber being called veganism?

Back in my days, words used to mean something.