Good Deal

This comic is about the game Out of Space  where a bunch of roomates have to clean a alien-infested home.

The gameplay at first looks like a party game, think Overcooked, but assume if your customers get too hungry they would eat you instead. Yes, despite the cute appearance you can lose and die in this game and it's reasonably easy to do so if you don't know what you are doing.

There aren't many good co-op games in the market with a focus on teamwork so this game was a welcome change.

My main gripe with this one is once you know what to do, the game is fairly easy. There is a weekly challenge with change the rules a little bit but some of the changes are more tiresome than different, like making you move slower while carrying buckets of water. Yes, it makes the game harder, but not exactly more fun or interesting.

Still, I had more than a fair share of fun with it, especially figuring a good setup to clean rooms and the best furniture to buy to do so.

10/10 would throw aliens in a blender again.