Bad Fanfic

When talking about movie adaptions of a videogame, there are two ways I can see it.

Either the source material is not good enough for whatever reason and I won't want to watch a movie about it because, as I said, the source material is not good enough.

Or the source material IS good and I don't want it to be changed because then, what's the point? This is an almost false advertisement.

Eventually, I realize those movies are not made for me so I ignore all of them. If someone comes and tells me they made a good adaption like Lord of the Rings I'll gladly watch it but otherwise, I'll just skip.

And by the way, I'm not even judging the quality of the movie. Sonic and Monster Hunter may be good movies (or not) but they just throw the bare minimum of the source material and call it a day. The lore is basically a cameo on their own movie when it should be the backbone of it.

I know very well those movies are made to the non-gamer crowd so why even bother? They picked their public and made their choice so what I am even doing there? Just to count in one hand the number of references and be happy my hobby is more mainstream?

The only way I'd watch a video game movie now is if it's so unabashedly nerd about its source I can recognize the balance patch they are using. I am exaggerating, of course, this would make for a terrible movie and I need to say I am exaggerating otherwise people will believe I am wanting to see a longplay of the game played by actors but I do like to see some respect for the source beyond knowing what's on the cover.