For those out of the loop, Diablo 2 remaster covered the Sorceress underboob and the Amazon butt in the remaster.

I don't mind Diablo 2 remaster censorship much. I am not happy about it but you barely notice the change on the Sorceress outside the selection screen and on the Amazon case, she gets it covered after you get higher-level armor anyway.

Hell, I'll give that perhaps today's culture doesn't like the skimpy armor. Times changes right? However, it made me think... who knows how the next generation will look at TODAY's videogame designs. Humanity never really agreed on how much (or how little) one should wear and I am seeing lots of form-fitting clothing and cleavage out there.. maybe tomorrow's people will find those offensives too.

Or maybe the pendulum will swing the other way as it will always do eventually. This would be fun.