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Send In The Clowns

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14 days ago
Clown police for a clown world, makes perfect sense.
15 days ago
I find odd how Azure Striker Gunvolt series is also made by people who made Mega Man games, also based on Mega Man gameplay (Zero specifically), people including Inafune, all games have positive scores on Steam including the crossovers with Mighty no.9 yet I don’t see anyone talking about it.
15 days ago
Little Star Wars story. While Empire Strikes Back was in the theaters an interviewer asked Lucas why he started with the 4th movie. Lucas answered that he had the outline for a 9 movie series, but he started with the 4th movie because it was a better start for the series. He was right.
15 days ago
What always struck me as the most amusing part of the Mighty No. 9 thing, was that a couple years later Capcom came out with Megaman 11, and from the very start that game feels like they set out to tell the Mighty No. 9 crew "THIS is how you make a Mega-Man game, scrubs".
15 days ago
No one stays on top of their game forever. I mean the guy who gave us "A New Hope" eventual gave us "The Phantom Menace" after all.
15 days ago
16 days ago