A Puzzling Game

I finished Carrion and while I enjoyed the game, I was left a bit disappointed.

While I am not a fan of playing the "bad guy", being the monster was novel. Being able to freely move around rooms and tunnels was smooth and enjoyable and was probably the reason I played the game to the end.

You think a game with such strong movement and premises would be centered about you killing or evading the human opposition but... not really. Yes, there are enemies and there is combat but for the most part, they don't hold a candle to your tentacular might. Humans are extremely fragile and slow your monster has enough HP to just brute force most encounter. The mechanized enemies are a bit stronger but not enough. Even if you die the savepoints are plentiful and never take too long for you to go back to where you died.

The meat of the game is puzzles. You have doors you need to open, usually by pushing a lever. Later in the game, you'll need to use one of your abilities like shooting a web to push the lever but it hardly go more complicated than that. Use invisibility to bypass a laser, user armor to bypass a bomb... you get the gist.

It's not even the puzzles are bad, they mostly rely on you figuring how to use your ability to maximum effect. For example, they never explain your invisibility may bypass the laser and figuring it is the "challenge" but given both laser and invisibility are introduced together it's not that hard.

So you have this superfluid, badass monster who spends his time playing around with levers until the game ends. It's not the game is bad, just I feel it was a wasted opportunity.