No Smurfs

In other news, Valve decided to make smurfing (creating a new alternate account to play on a different rank) a bannable offense.

I am surprised they are doing it because smurfing been doing for so long I was sure Icefrog approved the concept.

I think this is a positive change because a smurf on your game was game-breaking sometimes and perhaps now we'll see more consistency on the player quality.

This said, I'm sure if I decided to try a hero I am not used to people will say I am smurfing because my skill with it will be very subpar. Also, some heroes are just harder to perform well.

All those news kind made me want to play Dota again but I am not sure I need this kind of stress in my life. Still, I am curious of how much the game changed... I heard there is a thing called "money runes" or something now. Nice!